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The use of mud separator for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be some problems, it and people, have their own life. Users only do a good job of equipment maintenance, in order to increase the use of equipment time. Slurry separator production often encountered some problems, the following for you to introduce the common problems about slurry separator.
First of all, when the amount of fine sand recovered by the equipment is reduced or the phenomenon of sand leakage occurs, the reason is because the sand mesh is damaged, or the fastening bolts of the sand mesh fall. Solution: Repair the sand mesh or tighten the bolts.
Secondly, the vibration of the equipment frame is caused by the loosening of the bolt of the on-line frame or the loosening of the bearing bolt. The solution is to tighten the loose bolt.
Third, the phenomenon of excessive noise in the production process of the mud separator is caused by the fact that the gear is not sufficiently smooth, or the distance is changed to form. Solution: Add grease, adjust and tighten the anchor bolts of the reducer.
Then, the mud separator was damaged because the equipment was not maintained and maintained in time during the long production process, or the low speed of the shaft and reducer did not reach the regular parallelism. Solution: During production, be sure to refuel and adjust according to the rules to make it meet the demand.
Bearing damage, the cause of which is the sealing ring damage, or is not maintained and cleaned for a long time. Solution: Check whether the amount of oil is sufficient regularly, replace the damaged seal ring, and repair and clean the bearing regularly.
How it works:
The function of the slurry separator is to separate and treat the slurry formed by the shield cutting soil and sand, and then pump the recovered mud into the adjustment tank. Generally speaking, it is more appropriate to use the vibrating screen as the primary separation in the mud water separator, and the role of the vibrating screen is to pretreat the mud water and remove the coarse particles such as clumps and blocks.
As long as the function is to refine the medium and fine granular mud after separation and reduce the diameter of the mud particles step by step, the slurry separator generally uses a multistage cyclone for processing.
The working principle of the cyclone in the mud-water separator is to achieve the treatment purpose based on the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the hydrodynamic force. The cyclone pump is used to generate negative pressure on the cyclone during the rotation process, forcing the fine particles suspended inside the cyclone to spiral upward through the centrifugal action and be extruded by negative pressure through the upper spillway. The coarse and heavy particles in the slurry fall into the slurry ditch at the lower spillway under the action of their own gravity.

Piling mud separator is a kind of equipment used to treat piling mud and mud water. The pile mud separator separates mud and water by physical means, so as to obtain dry solid and clear liquid. Specifically, the separator introduces the mud and mud water into the separator, separates it by centrifugal force and gravity, and then further purifies the liquid through the filter, and finally obtains clear water and solid that can be directly discharged.
The role of piling mud water separator is not only to separate mud and water, but also to reduce the impact of the construction site on the environment, improve construction efficiency, reduce construction costs, and ensure the quality of the project.
Application range of pile mud water separator
The application range of pile mud separator is wide, mainly including the following aspects:
Engineering mud treatment: It is used for engineering mud treatment generated in the construction process, such as piling mud treatment, bored pile, etc., which can achieve reduction and facilitate transportation.
River and lake dredging sludge treatment: in the process of river sludge and sludge treatment, it plays the role of mud-water separation and solid-liquid separation.
Municipal pipe network sludge treatment: suitable for subway shield mud treatment, underground continuous wall mud treatment, pipe jacking machine mud treatment and other fields.
Sewage treatment plant sludge treatment: can effectively solve the problem of mud separation generated by sewage treatment plant.
Contaminated soil remediation: In the process of soil remediation by oil sludge in chemical plants and oil fields, the contaminated soil needs to be cleaned, and the mud-water separator needs to be separated after cleaning to reduce the soil performance.
Tailings sludge water treatment: also applicable to the treatment of tailings sludge water.

The FT mud circulation system is designed and produced to meet the requirements of trenchless technology and is used to purify and treat mud returned from underground during horizontal directional crossing.

FT mud circulation system is mainly used in trenchless horizontal directional crossing (FT) or coal seam gas mining, pipe jacking and other projects. The system is designed with a slurry distribution device, which can add the required mud material, evenly stir to obtain the mud that meets the performance requirements, and then recycle and recycle, which greatly reduces the construction cost and meets the environmental protection requirements.

What is the scope of application of FT mud circulation system?

The application scope of the FT mud circulation system is as follows:

Trenchless horizontal directional crossing (FT) or coal seam gas mining, pipe jacking construction projects.

Mud purification and recovery in mud-water balance shield construction.

Mud purification and recovery of positive and negative circulation in hydropower, urban construction, etc.

Mud purification and recovery of large diameter shaft and pile foundation.


The mud water separation and clean water system produced by Fountech Machinery Company has achieved the expected effect and won the full recognition of the customer through the installation and commissioning of the personnel on site.


The system is composed of 1 desander cleaner, 1 centrifuge, set of dosing device, sand pump, screw pump, screw conveyor, mud tank and other equipment and accessories.Simple, flexible, occupy little space, practicability is relatively strong mud water separation system.

The system can be used in oil and gas, coalbed methane, shale gas drilling fluid, trenchless engineering, building piling, river dredging and other fields of waste slurry treatment, effectively achieve the separation of solid dry phase and liquid phase water, especially in the current urban environmental protection construction is able to highlight its function.



Shaking screen is a commonly used equipment in mining, mineral processing, building materials, chemical and other industries. In actual production, due to improper operation or maintenance, there will inevitably be various problems, and the reasons for each question are not the same.This paper analyzes the common fault causes and treatment methods for your reference.

One, the vibrating screen can not start or small amplitude

Main reasons:

  1. Motor damage;
  2. Electrical components in the control circuit are damaged;
  3. Insufficient voltage;

4, the screen surface material accumulation is too much;

  1. The vibrator fails;
  2. The grease in the vibrator is thickened and lumped.

Treatment method:

  1. Replace the motor;
  2. Replace electrical components;

3, change the power supply;

  1. Clean up the material on the screen surface;
  2. Overhaul the vibrator;

6, clean the vibrator, update and add appropriate grease.

Two, the material flow on the screen surface is abnormal

Main reasons:

  1. The horizontal level of the screen box is not aligned;

2, support spring steel is too large or damaged;

3, screen surface damage;

4, feeding is extremely unbalanced.

Treatment method:

  1. Adjust the height of the bracket;

2, adjust the spring;

3, adjust the screen surface;

4, uniform operation, stable feeding.

Three, poor screening quality

Main reasons:

1, mesh plugging;

2, the mesh wear is serious;

3, sieve machine feeding uneven;

  1. The material layer on the screen surface is too thick;
  2. The screen is not tight, and the transmission belt is too loose.

Treatment method:

1, clean the screen hole, the appropriate adjustment of the amount of water and screen surface inclination;

  1. Repair the worn mesh, and consider replacing the mesh when it is serious;

3, uniform operation, stable feeding;

4, reduce the vibration screen machine load and clean the screen surface;

  1. Tighten the screen and tighten the transmission belt.

Four, the normal operation of the sieve machine rotation is slowed down, bearing heating

Main reasons:

  1. The bearing lacks lubricating oil;
  2. Bearing blockage;
  3. Excessive oil injection or inappropriate oil is added to the bearing;

4, bearing damage or poor installation, the eccentric block on the round wheel off, the size of the eccentric block is different, the maze seal is stuck.

Treatment method:

  1. Pour lubricating oil into the bearing;

2, clean the bearing, replace the sealing ring, check the labyrinth sealing device;

  1. Check the lubricating oil of the bearing;

4, replace the bearing, install eccentric block.

Five, motor burning

There are many reasons for motor burning: the loosening of anchor bolts, improper installation, the adjustment of eccentric block, the lax sealing of the protective cover, environmental temperature and so on will cause motor burning.

Treatment method:

1, for the reasons of anchor bolt loosening, can ① often reinforce anchor bolts;(2) increase the anti-loose device;(3) to ensure the good contact between the floor and the motor floor, so that several anchor bolt uniform force.

2, when installing, because both ends of the vibration motor are equipped with a heavier eccentric block, such as vertical or inclined installation, the bearing axial to bear the gravity of the eccentric block.If there is no special installation in the vibration motor, it will have a bad effect on the bearing, thereby shortening the service life, so we should try to avoid vertical or inclined installation.

3, the adjustment of the eccentric block: sometimes we will mistakenly put the eccentric block at both ends of the direction of the reverse, so that the vibration motor produces a space torque, so that the vibration motor in the abnormal state of work, into the cause of burning.Therefore, when adjusting the eccentric block, we must pay attention to its symmetry, the center of gravity connection line of the eccentric block at both ends should be parallel to the axis, not into different plane state.

4, the protective cover sealing problem: vibration motor working environment is very bad, dust, if the protective cover seal is not strict, it is easy to enter the dust, causing the friction operation of the eccentric block, thus burning the motor.

5, environmental temperature: equipment conveying material temperature can not be too high, because the vibration motor and equipment is a whole, if the material temperature is too high, it is easy to cause the vibration motor ground and housing temperature increase, resulting in heat dissipation difficulties, thus burning the motor.

6, screen damage is too fast, short life



Recently a friend left a message to consult the difference between drum screen and vibrating screen, ask how to choose.Both are widely used screening equipment, but the difference in working methods and principles also means the difference in output and the type of material suitable for screening.This paper analyzes the difference between drum screen and vibrating screen from the following six aspects.

First, the screening method is different

Vibrating screen and drum screen belong to screening equipment, when the two screening methods are different:

Vibrating screen is the use of vibration motor generated by the exciting force for screening, belongs to the vibrating screen, commonly used mining vibrating screen has a circular vibrating screen, linear screen, etc.

Drolling screen is another form of screening, in the screening process, the equipment will not appear vibration, but the general motor and reducer through the bearing to drive the drum rotation, material in the drum due to the rotation of the drum from high to low through the screen, and its successful screening, belongs to rolling screening.

Second, different shape and structure

The two are so different in appearance that it is easy to tell them apart.

Drolling screen: is a cylinder, cylinder appearance with a layer or multiple layers, or several sections of screen to increase the screening specifications, drum screen volume is generally large, mainly motor, reducer, drum device, screen, frame, sealing cover, inlet and outlet composition, drum device must be added to the steel ring to prevent deformation of drum screen.

Vibrating screen is mainly composed of screen box, screen frame, screen mesh, vibration motor, motor pedicle, vibration spring, bracket, etc.

Linear vibrating screen: 2 vibration motors are installed at the bottom of the equipment, which can be divided into several layers.

Circular vibrating screen: also known as single shaft vibrating screen, its supporting mode has two kinds of suspension support and seat support.

Roller screen and vibrating screen mesh is generally made up of mesh or punching screen mesh, screen size is generally 6mm-8mm.

Three, the working principle is different

Drum screen

The drum device is mounted on the frame at an inclined Angle.The motor is connected with the drum device through a coupling through a reducer to drive the drum device to rotate around its axis.When the material enters the drum device, due to the tilt and rotation of the drum device, the material on the screen surface turns over and rolls, the qualified material (under the screen product) is discharged from the discharge port at the bottom of the rear end of the drum, and the unqualified material (on the screen product) is discharged from the discharge port at the tail of the drum.

Linear vibrating screen

The use of vibration motor excitation for vibration source, so that the material in the screen is thrown up, while forward linear motion, material from the feeder evenly into the screening machine feed port, through the multi-layer screen to produce several specifications of the screen, screen, respectively from the respective outlet discharge.

Circular vibrating screen

The screen surface is fixed on the screen box, the screen box is suspended or supported by the spring, and the bearing of the main shaft is installed on the screen box, which is driven by the belt wheel and rotates at high speed.The eccentric counterweight plate is installed on the main shaft, and the centrifugal inertia force is generated along with the rotation of the main shaft, so that the vibration of the screen box forms an approximate circular trajectory.

Four, the classification is different

Roller screen according to the number of different mesh layer, can be divided into a single layer, double layer and three layer vibrating screen.This point is similar to the vibrating screen, according to the number of screen surface layer can be divided into single, double, three and four layers of vibrating screen.

According to whether the drum screen motor is connected with the bearing, it can be divided into shaft-free drum screen and shaft-free drum screen.

According to the vibrating screen surface movement trajectory is different, can be divided into circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen, the above has been introduced.

  1. Different output and application occasions

Drum screen large output, long life, suitable for large output requirements.

Linear vibrating screen production is small, suitable for screening fine specifications of materials.

Circular vibrating screen with large output, suitable for medium and large production lines with large output requirements.

Because of the different screening methods of vibrating screen and drum screen, they are good at screening materials are different:

(1) containing stone, stone is larger, the material viscosity is larger, because the vibrating screen vibration strength is large, choose to use the vibrating screen effect is better.

(2) for dust, small particles of material screening is the weakness of vibrating screen, the use of drum screen screening effect will be better.

(3) screening dry material selection using vibrating screen is not easy to plug holes, screening effect is better.

Six, screening accuracy is different

Vibrating screen is a vibrating motor as a vibration source of screening equipment, so the screening accuracy is high, drum screen is a kind of high production screening equipment, and screening accuracy is not high vibrating screen.

Vibrating screen and drum screen respectively have their own way of working and screening principle, some raw materials can be screened through them, but different sites and different material requirements, should choose suitable screening machinery, in order to achieve good screening effect.