Common Problems And Working Principle Of Mud Water Separator

The use of mud separator for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be some problems, it and people, have their own life. Users only do a good job of equipment maintenance, in order to increase the use of equipment time. Slurry separator production often encountered some problems, the following for you to introduce the common problems about slurry separator.
First of all, when the amount of fine sand recovered by the equipment is reduced or the phenomenon of sand leakage occurs, the reason is because the sand mesh is damaged, or the fastening bolts of the sand mesh fall. Solution: Repair the sand mesh or tighten the bolts.
Secondly, the vibration of the equipment frame is caused by the loosening of the bolt of the on-line frame or the loosening of the bearing bolt. The solution is to tighten the loose bolt.
Third, the phenomenon of excessive noise in the production process of the mud separator is caused by the fact that the gear is not sufficiently smooth, or the distance is changed to form. Solution: Add grease, adjust and tighten the anchor bolts of the reducer.
Then, the mud separator was damaged because the equipment was not maintained and maintained in time during the long production process, or the low speed of the shaft and reducer did not reach the regular parallelism. Solution: During production, be sure to refuel and adjust according to the rules to make it meet the demand.
Bearing damage, the cause of which is the sealing ring damage, or is not maintained and cleaned for a long time. Solution: Check whether the amount of oil is sufficient regularly, replace the damaged seal ring, and repair and clean the bearing regularly.
How it works:
The function of the slurry separator is to separate and treat the slurry formed by the shield cutting soil and sand, and then pump the recovered mud into the adjustment tank. Generally speaking, it is more appropriate to use the vibrating screen as the primary separation in the mud water separator, and the role of the vibrating screen is to pretreat the mud water and remove the coarse particles such as clumps and blocks.
As long as the function is to refine the medium and fine granular mud after separation and reduce the diameter of the mud particles step by step, the slurry separator generally uses a multistage cyclone for processing.
The working principle of the cyclone in the mud-water separator is to achieve the treatment purpose based on the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the hydrodynamic force. The cyclone pump is used to generate negative pressure on the cyclone during the rotation process, forcing the fine particles suspended inside the cyclone to spiral upward through the centrifugal action and be extruded by negative pressure through the upper spillway. The coarse and heavy particles in the slurry fall into the slurry ditch at the lower spillway under the action of their own gravity.

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