Shaker damage how to do


Shaking screen is a commonly used equipment in mining, mineral processing, building materials, chemical and other industries. In actual production, due to improper operation or maintenance, there will inevitably be various problems, and the reasons for each question are not the same.This paper analyzes the common fault causes and treatment methods for your reference.

One, the vibrating screen can not start or small amplitude

Main reasons:

  1. Motor damage;
  2. Electrical components in the control circuit are damaged;
  3. Insufficient voltage;

4, the screen surface material accumulation is too much;

  1. The vibrator fails;
  2. The grease in the vibrator is thickened and lumped.

Treatment method:

  1. Replace the motor;
  2. Replace electrical components;

3, change the power supply;

  1. Clean up the material on the screen surface;
  2. Overhaul the vibrator;

6, clean the vibrator, update and add appropriate grease.

Two, the material flow on the screen surface is abnormal

Main reasons:

  1. The horizontal level of the screen box is not aligned;

2, support spring steel is too large or damaged;

3, screen surface damage;

4, feeding is extremely unbalanced.

Treatment method:

  1. Adjust the height of the bracket;

2, adjust the spring;

3, adjust the screen surface;

4, uniform operation, stable feeding.

Three, poor screening quality

Main reasons:

1, mesh plugging;

2, the mesh wear is serious;

3, sieve machine feeding uneven;

  1. The material layer on the screen surface is too thick;
  2. The screen is not tight, and the transmission belt is too loose.

Treatment method:

1, clean the screen hole, the appropriate adjustment of the amount of water and screen surface inclination;

  1. Repair the worn mesh, and consider replacing the mesh when it is serious;

3, uniform operation, stable feeding;

4, reduce the vibration screen machine load and clean the screen surface;

  1. Tighten the screen and tighten the transmission belt.

Four, the normal operation of the sieve machine rotation is slowed down, bearing heating

Main reasons:

  1. The bearing lacks lubricating oil;
  2. Bearing blockage;
  3. Excessive oil injection or inappropriate oil is added to the bearing;

4, bearing damage or poor installation, the eccentric block on the round wheel off, the size of the eccentric block is different, the maze seal is stuck.

Treatment method:

  1. Pour lubricating oil into the bearing;

2, clean the bearing, replace the sealing ring, check the labyrinth sealing device;

  1. Check the lubricating oil of the bearing;

4, replace the bearing, install eccentric block.

Five, motor burning

There are many reasons for motor burning: the loosening of anchor bolts, improper installation, the adjustment of eccentric block, the lax sealing of the protective cover, environmental temperature and so on will cause motor burning.

Treatment method:

1, for the reasons of anchor bolt loosening, can ① often reinforce anchor bolts;(2) increase the anti-loose device;(3) to ensure the good contact between the floor and the motor floor, so that several anchor bolt uniform force.

2, when installing, because both ends of the vibration motor are equipped with a heavier eccentric block, such as vertical or inclined installation, the bearing axial to bear the gravity of the eccentric block.If there is no special installation in the vibration motor, it will have a bad effect on the bearing, thereby shortening the service life, so we should try to avoid vertical or inclined installation.

3, the adjustment of the eccentric block: sometimes we will mistakenly put the eccentric block at both ends of the direction of the reverse, so that the vibration motor produces a space torque, so that the vibration motor in the abnormal state of work, into the cause of burning.Therefore, when adjusting the eccentric block, we must pay attention to its symmetry, the center of gravity connection line of the eccentric block at both ends should be parallel to the axis, not into different plane state.

4, the protective cover sealing problem: vibration motor working environment is very bad, dust, if the protective cover seal is not strict, it is easy to enter the dust, causing the friction operation of the eccentric block, thus burning the motor.

5, environmental temperature: equipment conveying material temperature can not be too high, because the vibration motor and equipment is a whole, if the material temperature is too high, it is easy to cause the vibration motor ground and housing temperature increase, resulting in heat dissipation difficulties, thus burning the motor.

6, screen damage is too fast, short life


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