What are the main aspects of the wide range of applications of pile mud separator?

Piling mud separator is a kind of equipment used to treat piling mud and mud water. The pile mud separator separates mud and water by physical means, so as to obtain dry solid and clear liquid. Specifically, the separator introduces the mud and mud water into the separator, separates it by centrifugal force and gravity, and then further purifies the liquid through the filter, and finally obtains clear water and solid that can be directly discharged.
The role of piling mud water separator is not only to separate mud and water, but also to reduce the impact of the construction site on the environment, improve construction efficiency, reduce construction costs, and ensure the quality of the project.
Application range of pile mud water separator
The application range of pile mud separator is wide, mainly including the following aspects:
Engineering mud treatment: It is used for engineering mud treatment generated in the construction process, such as piling mud treatment, bored pile, etc., which can achieve reduction and facilitate transportation.
River and lake dredging sludge treatment: in the process of river sludge and sludge treatment, it plays the role of mud-water separation and solid-liquid separation.
Municipal pipe network sludge treatment: suitable for subway shield mud treatment, underground continuous wall mud treatment, pipe jacking machine mud treatment and other fields.
Sewage treatment plant sludge treatment: can effectively solve the problem of mud separation generated by sewage treatment plant.
Contaminated soil remediation: In the process of soil remediation by oil sludge in chemical plants and oil fields, the contaminated soil needs to be cleaned, and the mud-water separator needs to be separated after cleaning to reduce the soil performance.
Tailings sludge water treatment: also applicable to the treatment of tailings sludge water.

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